Swedish UX-designer with 10 years of experience

Hi, I'm Johan 👋

Ux-designer based in Sweden.

Currently shaping new digital solutions with Volvo cars Sverige
Johan Jenefeldt - UX Designer

For 10+ years I have been working as an independent UX-designer helping companies to create and improve their digital products.

And I also helped Bythjul to make sense of tires online.

I've had the pleasure to work with some fantastic people ❤️

Katja Widlund
Head of new business, Ellos Group

"Johan is absolutely devoted to the customer perspective and digital journey in all channels. He is a mastermind in foreseeing all aspects, scenarios and alternative routes on the web, carefully outlining a smooth and intuitive experience for the customer. Johan is a great team player, very focused and doesn’t leave any aspects undiscovered."

Andreas Johansson
CTO, Billmate

"Working with Johan is fantastic. He quickly understands complex flows, and simplifies them into user-friendly and converting design. The combination of UX/UI design and an understanding for our business is really unique. Working with Johan is a privilege and something I can recommend to everyone."

Tobias Basilius
Founder & CEO, Reco

"I asked Johan to redesign our landing pages to increase the conversion rate. Johan was thorough and and listened to ’our gut feelings’. In the end it led to a higher conversion and a more aesthetically more pleasing and airier design."

Max Rose
Financial services manager, Ellos Group

"You can’t help but be impressed with Johan’s attitude and understanding which reaches way outside of that of the average UX designer. Johan never leaves a stone unturned, and you know with him in your team nothing will ever fall between the chairs, as he is always the first to take responsibility for ensuring nothing is missed, and the quality of the overall delivery is the primary focus. All in all I would say Johan is so much more than just a UX designer…"

Let's work together
- shall we? 🤘

I help you define what to build 👇

I ask a lot of questions. I question everything and anything. Because I want to learn, and understand as much as possible. Maybe even open some new doors?
Together we start to understand the WHY in what we do, and making sure we share the same idea of what we are trying to achieve. And eventually we will know what to build.

I design how things work ✍️

I will sketch out a concept and design a solution to meet our shared vision. This part of a project does not always look the same. Sometimes we can start from scratch and paint on an empty canvas, and other times it better to ”hack” what we already have. Believe me, I love nice looking graphics, but I’m not here to make thing pretty, I’m here to make things work.

Making sure things work 👌

In all my projects I’m part of a project from the beginning to the end. I take on a large portion of responsibility and want to see things through. Designing a working product is all about taking the right decisions and adapt to changed circumstances along the way. As well as having a tight relationship with both the business and tech.

Sounds good?
Let's talk 👉

Do you have a challenging project or inspiring idea? Let's talk and see if we can do something together.

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